Why Broad Town PreSchool?

Encouragement to Learn

We understand that choosing a Pre-School for your child is a very important decision and we hope to be able to help you with the information on this site.

Broad Town Pre-School is a small friendly setting situated in the picturesque grounds of Broad Town Primary School, in Broad Town Village, offering sessions for children aged 2 to 5 years. We are closely associated with Broad Town Primary School and share outside resources and facilities.

Our children are encouraged to learn from a wide variety of experiences each day, incorporating free play, individual and group activities,

About Broad Town Pre School
Our Staff

Our Staff

Dedicated and Experienced

We have a team of qualified and experienced Pre-School Assistants and bank staff, managed by our Supervisor Jennie White and the Chair of our Committee Zoe Dyer.

Our Pre-School is managed by a committee of parents and carers who help on a voluntary basis.

A Registered Charity

Fundraising and events

We are a voluntary organisation and a registered charity (no. 297152). We welcome new parents and new ideas.  Your fees are used to cover the salaries and running costs of the Pre-School.

We rely heavily on fund raising in order to replace and renew toys and equipment, as well as additional enrichment activities and trips for our children and we appreciate any extra help from parents, carers and families.

Registered Charity
Inclusive learning environment

An Inclusive Learning Environment

A pre school for everyone

Broad Town Pre-School is an equal opportunities setting and we accept children and their families from all cultural, ethnic, religious and social groups and work to accommodate each individual’s needs.

We also welcome children with special educational needs and work with specialist support to aid each child’s learning.