Why Broad Town Pre-School? | Broad Town Pre School
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Why Broad Town Pre-School?

Our Approach

Encouragement to Learn

We understand that choosing a Pre-School for your child is a very important decision and we hope to be able to help you with the information on this site (and please feel free to arrange a visit at any time).


We offer a safe, nurturing environment in which each individual child is recognised, valued and supported to achieve their potential through meaningful play experience.


Our free flowing space, from indoors to outdoors ensures that those children who learn best through active movement can thrive too.

Broad Town Pre School
Why Broad Town Pre School

A Registered Charity

Fundraising and events

We are a voluntary organisation and a registered charity (no. 297152). We are run by a committee consisting of a Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and committee members which is made up of parents and carers who help on a voluntary basis. Any parent / carer / grandparent are very welcome.


We do rely heavily on fund raising in order to replace and renew toys and equipment, as well as additional enrichment activities.