New Building Blocks!!!

The money raised by the children in this year’s Trikeathon has been put to fantastic use and our new building blocks have arrived! The children have had lots of fun building all sorts of things since the new blocks arrived at the beginning of this term, from a house and towers, to a bridge, a

Our new snack time!

We are all enjoying our new buffet style snack time with our lovely new table! The children have more independence choosing  and serving their own food and pouring their own drinks. They have said: “Its more fun.” “I like using the tweezers to pick up my food.” “I like

Our chicks hatched!

Great news  we managed to incubate and hatch 7 chicks, 6 quail chicks and 1 golden pheasant. The children really enjoyed being part of incubating the eggs, counting down the days till they hatched and caring for the chicks. It was an invaluable hands on learning experience for us all!