With the run up to our Nativity next Saturday in full swing, our theme for the next two weeks is the Nativity and Getting Ready for Christmas.

Please don’t forget, its our non-dress rehearsal for all children at Broad Town Church tomorrow at 9.30am. Those in session will be escorted over to the church by our staff, and those coming in specially, the rehearsal is likely to last about an hour.

It’s our dress rehearsal on Wednesday afternoon, so again children in session will be helped into their costumes and escorted to the church. Those coming in specially need to be at the church by 1.15pm already in costume. We will have the children from Year 1 as our practice audience.

And of course we look forward to seeing as many people as possible for the performance on Saturday 12th at 10.30am with refreshments and a raffle back in the classroom afterwards!

We hope you’re looking forward to this as much as the children are!

Many thanks as ever